Research done by Forbes expert on mental health Noma Nazish shows that having a repetitive image to look at day after day may lead to mental fatigue. Evidence also shows that constant mental exhaustion can also impact your physical endurance. This tells us if we keep our desktop at default for a long time it will lower our productivity.

Customizing your desktop will help you avoid this and keep your brain stimulated. The more you involve yourself in changing your desktop the more it boosts your brain activity and helps you stay productive for longer.

Benefits that come with personalizing your desktop

Desktop personalization will give you a sense of ownership. It will help you boost your brain activity by removing fatigue caused by repetitive images. It will improve your creativity by stimulating your Frontal Cortex and enlighten your mood making you look forward to switching on your computer each day.

What can I customize on my desktop?

 There are several things you can customize on your computer desktop. such as icons, wallpapers, cursors, screensavers, backgrounds, and interfaces. Just to touch on two:

  • Desktop backgrounds

Ohmyicons desktop backgrounds and wallpapers make it easier for your PC to stay in tune with your mood. It works for your desktop background, lock, or start screen. You are guaranteed an image that will take your breath away.

  • Icon themes

Our icon themes are compatible with windows features such as the start menu, settings, and folder Icons. You can use icon packager or customizer god to easily switch between multiple icon themes.

What to look for when purchasing desktop customization products?

For the best desktop customization experience, work with designer websites that have been in the industry for a long time. This guarantees that you will have many options to choose from and only your imagination will limit you. You should also work with sites that have creative designs that stimulate your desktop experience. Don’t run for free stuff as it will limit your creativity in so many ways.

Is desktop customization worth it?

Desktop customization is the best favor you can offer for your brain. It stimulates it, and grows your creativity, kills boredom, and introduces you to a world of endless possibilities. In addition, it can help you interact with your emotions by relating to feelings such as hope, harmony, calm, love, the law of attraction, and more.

At, we offer all these and more. Browse our site and meet the endless possibilities you can do with our products.

This is a one-stop-shop for all your desktop customization needs. We are always open to suggestions to help improve our products and enrich our customer experience. 

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