Halloween Icons - PNG
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Halloween Icons - PNG


The best icons for Halloween

50 Ghoulishly Gorgeous 3D icons (.png) for Halloween make a great addition to your lavish library of custom icons.  They will make a great TRICK or TREAT for yourself or anyone special in your life.

Image Sizes: 768 px.


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Icons included:

  1. Alien Pictures Folder
  2. Alien
  3. Anonymous Mask
  4. Anonymous Documents
  5. Cat-Woman
  6. Cauldron Empty
  7. Cauldron Full
  8. Cleopatra Music
  9. Dead Clown
  10. Dragon Heat
  11. Fairy Amazed
  12. Fay
  13. Ghost Blue Dark Folder
  14. Ghost Dior Pink
  15. Ghost Green Folder
  16. Ghost Orange Folder
  17. Ghost Red Folder
  18. Frankie
  19. Genome Skull Folder
  20. Ghost Documents
  21. Goblin
  22. Helmet Halloween
  23. iPhone Bat
  24. Mask Man Gold
  25. Nano Ghost 1
  26. Nano Ghost 3
  27. Nano Ghost 6
  28. Nano Ghost 7
  29. Nano Ghost 8
  30. Nano Ghost 9
  31. Nano Green 2015
  32. Nosferatu
  33. Ogre Toon
  34. Ogre Trash Empty
  35. Ogre Trash Full
  36. Old Witch
  37. Ovo Skull
  38. Pumpkin Astonished
  39. Pumpkin Jocker
  40. Pumpkin Laugh
  41. Rat Folder
  42. Shuffle Blue Lemur
  43. Shuffle Green Lemur
  44. Shuffle Metal Lemur
  45. Shuffle Pink Lemur
  46. Skull
  47. Vampire Female
  48. Vampire Female Pictures
  49. Vampire Male
  50. Zombie Hand Folder

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PNG Icon theme (more than 200 icons) used as source of the Windows 10 Icon theme.

Contain 210 png files (256x256 px) used for icon's system plus 20 png files for Control Panel (512x512 px).

178 PNG Icons used as source for to create Cyclop-X Icon theme.

Contain 145 png files (768x768 px) used for icon's system plus 33 png files for Control Panel (512x512 px).


30 PNG icon folders for OVO and OVO Special Edition icon theme.

Best Valentine icons are here! A 55 icons (PNG) collection to pair up with any of our icon themes.
Decorate your desktop for the lovely days with this gorgeous icon collection for any operating system or program that handles PNG files.

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